Social Housing

Idea: Housing construction for creating functional, affordable and comfortable living space.

Kabwe is currently growing strowly, resulting in housing shortage. Moreover, many buildings especially in the poor districts suffer severe damage during the rainy season. Therefore, 7×7 Zambia Limited wants to construct buildings, which, on the one hand, are geared to the needs of the inhabitants and, on the other hand, are adapted to the given climatic conditions. The goal is to build durable houses, in which the residents feel comfortable.

We are going to start with the residential construction in the huge poor neighborhood Makululu, the currently biggest township in southern Africa with more than 90,000 inhabitants. Many residents live in small, self-built wooden or loam houses. In addition, there is a lack of basic infrastructure as water pipes, sewe, sanitary facilities, power grid, etc. The consumption of polluted water leads to spread of diseases as cholera, diarrhea or dysentery.

The project is to be realized in close consultation with the department of city planning of Kabwe and in collaboration with local companies and with Habitat for Humanity – a gloabl, non-profit organization for social housing.

More detailed information to this project follows soon.

The district Makululu will be renewed step by step – consequently, not all buildings are demolished and rebuilt at once, but in several stages. Thus, not all people have to leave the district at once, but only a few dozen. At this time, we want to offer these families accommodation in our Flexi-Village. Further information on this exciting and creative idea is availabe at