Projects In The Field Of Food

In 2018 Zambia ranked at one of the lowest places in the world hunger index: 115th out of a total of 119 countries considered. Thus the current hunger and malnutrition situation in the country is classified as “very serious”

Our objective: Production of nutritious and vitalising food

  • Without unnecessary artificial additives
  • Organic cultivation
  • Compliance with hygiene rules
  • Exemplary working conditions

The aim of the projects in this field is to create jobs and vocational training as well as to contribute to diversifying the diet of Kabwes’ inhabitants and combating malnutrition.

  1. Employment creation and support: peanut farmers, aquaponics farm employees, peanut products manufacturing employees, suppliers, Sugar Fan vendors, financial managers, project managers
  2. Creation of vocational training places for: aquaponics, business basics
  3. Production and sales locations: all projects are initiated in the Zambian city of Kabwe. Peanut butter production is to begin in Makwati district. Besides, we establish further projects on our site in the Lukanga district. In addition, mobile and local sale stands are to be used.

Our projects in this field:

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