Preparations for the containers

At the end of May 2018 we acquired the first 4 containers, which are now temporarily stored on a property in Bonn. In the next few weeks we will fill two of them and then send them to Kabwe. In the course of time, the first containers will be converted into a warehouse with a PV roof. Later containers will be converted into living spaces for our social housing project Flexi-Village.

One of the frist two containters will transport goods for our social business projects. It will be filled with sports equipment for the sports shop, t-shirt printing machines, bicycles, cotton candy machines and sweets for the Sugar Fan project, used but well working refrigerators, etc.

The other container will transport goods for the social projects of our Menshi Ya Mweo–Trust. These include musical instruments, sports equipment, basketball baskets, equipment for our Children Centers and 2 trailers with drinking water tanks of 1000 litres each.

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