Our Team

Our 7×7 Zambia Limited Team is represented both in Germany (Bonn) and in Zambia (Kabwe).

Team Germany

The Team in Germany is formed by Andreas, Stefanie and Nora Mankel, as well as by Moses Sikaala and Rebecca Besser.

  • Andreas Mankel is bank business administrator, financial and pension advisor, expert consultant for sustainable investment, managing director of the 7×7 group of companies as well as founder of 7×7 Zambia Limited and of the Menshi Ya Mweo – Trust.
  • Stefanie Mankel is co-owner of the 7×7 group of companies, teacher of early musical education, co-founder of the Menshi Ya Mweo – Trust and initiator of the TCC Children Center in Kabwe.
  • Nora Mankel
  • Rebecca Besser studied technology of renewable energy (B.Ing.) and management of renewable energy (M.Sc.), spent several months in different African countries and wrote her master thesis about the development of a renewable energy based mini-grid for a rural village in Mexico. Currently she supports 7×7 Zambia Limited in developing its projects.
  • Moses Sikaala contributes as an extern cunsultant to the success of 7×7 Zambia Limited‘s projects through his extensive experience in fields such as IT, financial services and social projects  als externer Berater zum Erfolg der Projekte der 7×7 Zambia Limited bei.

Team Zambia

Left: Noel Zulu, right: Lazarous Chongo

The Team in Sambia is composed of Lazarous Chongo and Noel Zulu.

  • Lazarous Chongo is educated in human and community development, studied missiology and is also active in the field of social youth work in Kabwe. In addition, he launched the project J.I.F.A.N.’s Global Youth Development which aims to bring young people together with music, sports and religion and to support them on their life path to life. The abbreviation JIFAN stands for Jesus Is For All Nations.
  • Noel Zulu is trained in agricultural engineering and missioning. He also contributes to the well-being of the society through charitable work.