Nutrito – Peanut Products

NUTRITO – Nutrients For A Vibrant Life

Idea: Production of peanut butter and other peanut products

NUTRITO – A project that aims to exploit the beneficial properties and widespread presence of peanuts in Zambia to produce its own peanut products locally. The objective is not only to create jobs, but also to help combat malnutrition in Kabwe and beyond.

Nutrition and peanuts in Zambia: A large part of Zambia’s population is malnourished and its diet is mainly based on maize. The country’s national dish is Nshima, which is made from maize meal. This creates a strong dependence on the cultivation of this one foodstuff (danger e.g. drought, poor harvest) and also a lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet. After maize, the peanut plant is the second largest cultivated crop in Zambia in terms of quantity. Peanuts are rich in fibre and protein (23 – 27 %), have a high fat content (approx. 45 – 52 %) and contain a large number of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc as well as vitamins such as niacin (B3) and vitamin E.

Project structure: We will start with the production of peanut butter. Later, other peanut products such as roasted peanuts, candied peanuts, peanut bars, peanut flips, etc. will follow.

Peanut butter – Current situation in Kabwe

  • One inhabitant has a small peanut butter maker
  • Children collect wild groundnuts (= peanuts) in Kabwe –> peanut butter is produced by named machine –> used for “Feeding Programme” of JIFAN Association –> machine is not sufficient for commercial production

Peanutbutter – our planned production process

Process stages of the peanut products

Stakeholders and profiteers