How it all begann…

After graduating from high school in 2012, Simon Mankel, the eldest son of Andreas and Stefanie Mankel, went with the organization OM (Operation Mobilization) for several months to Kabwe, a city in the center of Zambia / Africa.

During his stay, he met Lazarous Chongo and worked at his side. The engagement and the charisma of the warmhearted African resulted in a very close friendship with the entire family Mankel, for whom he has become like a son today. During his time together with the family, he infected them with his enthusiasm and visions. His dream was to build a center in the Makwati slum to training and guiding local people in living a healthy and responsible live along with to grow in trust in God and His love.

In particular, the children should be looked at: they should at least get one meal a day on a regular basis, which should not only satisfy the hunger, but also give them the feeling of caring. Fortunately, Lazarous got a plot of land for this center. In spring 2017, this Decipleship House was finally completed. In addition, a well was built, which supplies a large part of the poor district all year round.

In order to officially open the Decipleship House and the fountain, the Mankel family flew to Kabwe during the Easter holidays in 2017. On this occasion they were able to get an idea about the living conditions on the ground. In this way further projects have emerged and have been planned for improving the lives of the people and by this contributing to enable them a better future (see projects 7x7Zambia and projects Menshi Ya Mweo – Trust).