Eine Container-EinheitAs described on the previous page, we want to offer accommodation for those families who have to leave their homes temporarily during the reconstruction in several stages of the district of Makululu. The idea is to create functional apartments that can be built quickly and cost-effective. We decided to set up containers and transform them into living space.4 Container-Einheiten Each family will live in a container unit consisting of one and a half containers with built-in doors and windows. Between these two containers, a kitchen unit is created with a underground septic tank. The house unit also has a cistern and a water storage tank. Vier Container-Einheiten mit PV-DachIn each case four container units are assembled and covered with a steel structure including PV modules, which not only protects the containers from heavy rainfall, storms or heat, but also supplies them with electricity.

flexi-village-komplett.jpg32 of these 4 units are supposed to form “Flexi-Village”,  which provides housing for 120 families.

Flexi-Village is meant to be a largely self-sustaining village with an active social life, which creates a sense of community and in which the residents feel comfortable. At the same time it is progressive and an apprenticeship, so that the residents get to know issues such as PV power generation,  recycling, waste water treatment plant, drinking water supply and sewage disposal inside the house, aquaponic, etc. Education and care services are provided at the school and the kindergarten. The exercise of economic activities is encouraged.

Schaubild Flexi-Village Komponenten - engl

Financing: The temporal residents pay rent for the apartment and pay for water and electricity