Decentral power supply systems for households and small business

Our aim is to provide people who have been excluded from electricity use with access to it along with the associated benefits and opportunities.

Idea: decentral power supply – in other words independent of national grid –  based on different, mainly renewable energy resources.

In 2016 the electrification rate in Zambia was about 27 %, while this figure in the rural areas with less than 3 % was even significantly lower². Power supply by the national electricity provider is based almost exclusively on hydropower with resulting requent power cuts especially during the dry season.

Under the name ZamEneS (Zambia Energy Solutions) we want to allow those, who are not yet connected to the national grid, the utilization of electronic appliances.

Our offer is subdivided into:

  • Off-grid solar systems
    • Consist of PV panel(s), storage battery(s), charge controller, and if necessary an inverter
    • Specially compiled according to the respective need and the electronic appliances
    • Suitable for example for use of radio, TV, refrigerator, ventilator, laptop (DC and AC appliances)
    • Used either only for domestic needs, or for support of economic activity (for instance grocery store, restaurant, hairdresser salon, dairy, mill business, cinema)
  • 24/7 electricity supply
    • These systems ensure a reliable, continuous provision of electricity.
    • Depending on level of power requirement, only PV or PV in combination with other renewable energy resources as bioenergy or wind power
    • For increasing of security of supply, a battery storage and/or generator are added as back-up source. They are turned on in times when the energy generation from the renewable energy sources is not sufficient; for example if there is no sun.
    • These power supply systems can be used by normal households, but are also a good solution for hospitals, fabrics, shops, public institutions, small airports, etc. which often rely on a continuous power supply. –> Example: Decentral energy supply system for regional airport
    • For remote areas and facilities without access to electricity from the public grid, this reliable electricity supply means a contribution to economic development and thus represents an opportunity for development and upgrading of the region

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