Sugar Fan Project – Progress

In December 2018 the Zambian company Zambikes constructed a prototype for a mobile sales stand for our Sugar Fan project. With the help of the mobile stands pulled by bicycles, a mixture of sweets from Germany and our own locally in Kabwe produced peanut products will be sold in busy places in Kabwe. The aim is to create jobs and to train the employees in the basics of sales, including bookkeeping, accounting and calculations.

Construction of the Sugar Fan Trailer

Finished Prototype of Sugar Fan Trailer

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Visit to Sambia 2018

There are eventful days behind us with many ups and downs. Many surprises, obstacles and emotions have accompanied us in these days. Two of the first words (besides the ubiquitous “Muli shani = How are you?) we learned in Bemba, one of the most spoken languages in Zambia, are “tekanja” (patience) and “lolela” (wait).

The aim of our visit was to meet our Zambian team, to see the progress of the projects so far and to plan the next steps. Of course, we were also looking forward to the meetings with the different groups that the JIFAN Association had founded in Kabwe and about whose activities the leader of the organization, Lazarous Chongo, regularly keeps us up to date with photos and reports.

We arrived with suitcases full of souvenirs for our Zambian team, Lazarous Chongo and Noel Zulu, as well as with numerous items (sports shoes, training material, jerseys, sports balls, etc.) to support the sports projects of the JIFAN Association in Zambia.

Social Business Projects (7×7 Zambia Ltd.)

Aquaponik Während unser Zeit in Kabwe haben wir ein passendes Grundstück gesucht, auf dem wir nicht nur unsere ersten PV-Aquaponik Anlagen und das Trainings-Center hierfür errichten können, sondern das auch als Standort für weitere unserer geplanten Projekte dienen kann. Noch sind einige Details zu klären, aber wir hoffen bald den Kaufvertrag abschließen zu können, sodass im nächsten Jahr mit dem Bau des ersten Aquaponik-Systems begonnen werden kann.

Nutrito – Momentan wird das Gebäude, das wir vorrübergehend für die Produktion von  Erdnussbutter nutzen wollen, fertiggestellt. Während unseres Besuches konnten wir die Baufortschritte begutachten. Die Erdnusspflanze gilt in Sambia als die am zweithäufigsten angebaute Nutzpflanze nach Mais. Wir wollen Erdnussbutter und später auch weitere Erdnussprodukte wie beispielsweise Erdnuss-Cookies und Erdnussriegel produzieren, um lokale Arbeitsplätze und Einkommensmöglichkeiten zu schaffen.

SugarFan – Derzeit lassen wir in Sambia einen Prototype für unseren mobilen SugarFan Verkaufsstand konstruieren. Während unseres Aufenthaltes in Kabwe haben wir die Lizenz für den Verkauf von Süßwaren erhalten. Angedacht ist mit Hilfe dieser mobilen, von Fahrrädern gezogenen Verkaufsständen an belebten Orten in der Stadt eine Mischung aus Süßigkeiten aus Deutschland und selbst hergestellten Erdnussprodukten zu verkaufen und so Arbeitsplätze zu schaffen. Während unseres Besuches haben wir Traubenzucker-Lollies, Zuckerketten und Haribo-Produkte verteilt und konnten feststellen, dass diese Produkte sehr begehrt sind.

Social projects (7x7lebenswert Stiftung – Germany, Menshi Ya Mweo-Trust – Zambia)

Read about our activities and progress in the field of social projects:

Missionary and social commitment (JIFAN Association)

Information about our participation in the meetings of various JIFAN Association groups can be found here:

In addition, we spent a lot of time in various authorities with different applications and were able to get things moving.


In conclusion, we can say that during our visit to Zambia we mastered challenges, overcame unexpected obstacles by detours, shook many hands and made new friends. We will continue to keep Zambia and especially Kabwe and its inhabitants in our hearts and minds and are already looking forward to the next reunion. We thank everyone who made our stay something very special and unforgettable. Many thanks also to the donors who support the 7x7lebenswert Stiftung and the JIFAN Association and made so much of what we have achieved so far possible.

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Update PV-Aquaponic Project

On Friday, 20.07, our team member Lazarous Chongo met with Mr. Steve Clark from Clearwater Farms Ltd. based in Lusaka.

Clearwater Farms Ltd. has been building aquaponics plants in Zambia for several months now with local materials and local staff and has also been training the buyers of the plants in the correct care of the systems.

For our PV-Aquaponik project we are interested in his systems and his expertise. So we would no longer have to import aquaponics plants from South Africa as originally thought. The principle of aquaponics is largely unknown in Zambia and there have been no suppliers for these systems to date.

In the next few weeks we will hold talks with Mr. Clark and explore in what form a collaboration is possible both with our PV aquaponics training facility and with our planned large-scale PV aquaponics farm.

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Office and premises in Kabwe

7×7 Zambia Limited Office and Guesthouse

In May 2018 we constructed a building in the Makwati district next to the Discipleship House, where Lazarous lives. This building will be used as an office and guest house for 7×7 Zambia Limited.

7×7 Zambia Limited Center

In mid-June 2018, we acquired an approx. 0.45 ha plot in the heart of Kabwe. The property is currently being levelled and fenced for security reasons.

The containers sent by us (see container preparations) will be stored here over the next months and years. The first containers will be stacked in such a way that a warehouse including a PV roof is created. Here the goods will be stored and be distributed to where they are needed. Additionally,  some of the containers will be converted into living spaces to create a model consisting of 4 living units for our Flexi-Village project.

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Preparations for the containers

At the end of May 2018 we acquired the first 4 containers, which are now temporarily stored on a property in Bonn. In the next few weeks we will fill two of them and then send them to Kabwe. In the course of time, the first containers will be converted into a warehouse with a PV roof. Later containers will be converted into living spaces for our social housing project Flexi-Village.

One of the frist two containters will transport goods for our social business projects. It will be filled with sports equipment for the sports shop, t-shirt printing machines, bicycles, cotton candy machines and sweets for the Sugar Fan project, used but well working refrigerators, etc.

The other container will transport goods for the social projects of our Menshi Ya Mweo–Trust. These include musical instruments, sports equipment, basketball baskets, equipment for our Children Centers and 2 trailers with drinking water tanks of 1000 litres each.

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7 ways to help the poor and needy people

Written by Lazarous Chongo, director of the JIFAN Association and CEO of 7x7 Zambia Limited

On a daily basis i have been reading, watching, receiving, hearing, seeing and meeting people who cannot even afford the basic requirements of living. They do not have shelter to live, food to eat, safer water to use and clothes to wear. And those people who have an opportunity to have please develop compassion and desire to help these people and I have suggested some of the following practical 7 ways you can Be Involved in helping them

– Prayer has power to change everything for the better. Know that Jesus came and died to give honour to the least, those forgotten, overlooked and misjudged. to give first place to the last, those left behind, misunderstood and undervalued. to give a warm welcome to the lost, those who are orphaned, abandoned and destitute. Please pray for the needy and the very poor;. the homeless and those who are hungry. Millions of people are staving in the world so be part of the solution now

– Giving them moral support, showing heartfelt humility and respect makes them aware that someone really does care about them and trying to improve their condition. This inspires and motivates them to work hard and help themselves in a small way they can

– Social Media has become one of the most used ways to help the poor and needy people, and the easiest way as well. Through the use of Social media you can raise their voices and create awareness and get a helping hand for them

– As an individual you can help the poor and needy people financially also. Providing financial assistance to the poor can help them solve the basic problems of living. It’s not the amount, it’s your willingness to give that changes their situation

– By asking people to donate different items such as food, building materials, clothes, books, blankets and other necessities can help the poor and needy people. This acts of mercy (Imilimo Ya Luse) can be conducted in churches, families, schools, offices, organizations, or anywhere people are found. Don’t limit anyone just ask for donations

– There are millions of ways to help out in your community through your willingness to voluteer. Volunteering your quality time and skills can help the poor and needy people. Creating awareness among the people for helping the poor and needy people can get more and more individuals join the helping mobilization

– By educating the poor and needy people, they will figure out where their time and energy is normally spent and this helps them to refocused. Education helps the impoverished gain the skills and the power they need to help themselves. Education, Farming and Business skills help to fight poverty in a sustainable way. Aim at empowering them to continue empowering themselves

I believe everyone everywhere can BE INVOLVED in helping the poor and needy people

Mr 7 Points

Cholera and floods in Zambia

Zambia has suffered in recent weeks from the outbreak of a cholera epidemic that started in October 2017. The disease, which is transmitted mostly through contaminated water or infected food, causes severe diarrhea and vomiting and, as a result, dehydration. Since then, more than 3,800 people in the country have been infected and at least 83 people have died. The two-week measures taken in January, particularly in the densely populated capital of Lusaka, such as the ban on public gatherings, the closure of public wells, markets, schools, churches, bars, etc., along with the vaccination of more than 1 million people for cholera and other measures taken by the WHO (World Health Organization) and NGOs, the outbreak of cholera in Zambia is contained.

Zambia is currently struggling with another situation – heavy rains and their consequences. Several regions of the country, including Kabwe, were partially flooded. Due to the use of mainly loam as construction material and / or already existing building damage, the rains and floods have severely damaged or even partially collapsed many houses and forced families to leave home for safety reasons. These families are currently living with neighbors or relatives, as their homes are uninhabitable and their home furnishings and personal belongings have been damaged by the rain.

In addition, wells were closed due to cholera or polluted or destroyed by the floods. Therefore, the inhabitants of Kabwe are currently reliant on the few remaining open waterholes in front of which are long queues each day.

Our local team visited a few of the districts in Kabwe and the families to obtain a real image of the situation and the extent of the damage. One gets an impression of the situation from the photos taken by our team and which can be seen on the right.

The affected people urgently need support for the purchase of water filters and food as well as for the reconstruction of their homes. We want to help them in the short term with our hygiene-scholarship and living space-scholarship. In the long term, we want to contribute to solving the problem through the construction of stable and functional residential buildings as part of our social housing project.

Changing ourselves – Changing the Nation


A humble request to every Zambian.

  1. Don’t throw garbage on the roads/streets​.
  2. Don’t spit or urinate on roads and walls​.
  3. Don’t write on walls and currency notes​.
  4. Don’t abuse and insult others​, rather, be patient, tolerant and controlled.
  5. Save water and electricity​.
  6. Plant a tree​.
  7. Obey traffic rules.
  8. Honour and take care of ur parents and grandparents, take their blessings and always respect them​.
  9. Respect women​.
  10. Give way to ambulances​ and other emergency vehicles.
  11. Treat your neighbour in the way you would want to be treated.
  12. Do not seek for corners to cut in anything you do.
  13. Be intentional in honesty & integrity.
  14. Choose to believe in Jesus Christ and demonstrate in your lifestyle.
  15. Respect every individual, regardless of race, religion, tribe or status, we are all Gods creations.
  16. Always seek to be part of the solution and not the problem.
  17. Grab every opportunity to be kind and helpful.
  18. Be conscious of setting a good example for younger or junior ones.
  19. Be content and grateful for what you have more than lamenting over what you lack.
  20. Be proud of being a Zambian 🇿🇲by focusing on the positives and acknowledging that God does not make mistakes.

*We need to change ourselves and not the country. Once we change ourselves the country will automatically change*
*If we want our children to live in a clean, safe and prosperous environment, then pledge to follow these pointers in your everyday life.​*
*No one person or leader can change the country alone; it’s you and I who can change our beloved nation, by changing ourselves.*

Visits to Zambian embassies in Berlin and London

Zambian High Commission in London (14/06/2018)

In mid-June 2018, Mr. Mankel and Ms. Besser presented the projects of 7×7 Zambia Limited and the Menshi Ya Mweo–Trust to the High Commissioner, H.E. Muyeba Shichapwa Chikonde, the Deputy High Commissioner, Ms. Patricia Chanda, and other representatives of the Zambian High Commission in London. All those present were very interested in our ideas and we were promised help with some administrative matters.

Zambian Embassy in Berlin (20-21/12/2017)

During a two-day stay in Berlin, Andreas Mankel, Lazarous Chongo, Moses Sikalaa and Rebecca Besser had the opportunity to meet various representatives of the Zambian Embassy including Ambassador H. E. Anthony Mukwita and to present the projects of 7×7 Zambia Limited and the Menshi Ya Mweo–Trust. Ms. Theresa Kimena invited the team to a delicious Zambian dinner with her family. At the same time, Lazarous Chongo, who visited the Mankel family over Christmas, had the opportunity to get an impression of the German capital. Thanks to the help of the Ambassador, a letter was sent to the Zambian Energy Minister in which we briefly introduced ourselves and our projects.

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Update Sugar Fan Project

06.09.2017 – First training for production of cotton candy

On Wednesday afternoon, 06.09.2017, the first training for the production of cotton candy took place.

As can be seen in the picture gallery, there was great demand and curiosity. The plastic bowl of the small cotton candy machine brought from Germany melted after a few minutes due to overheating of the device. Therefore, the larger professional cotton candy machine of a Brazilian missionary was used to continue the training and to distribute cotton candy to the waiting spectators.

As already thought from the beginning and confirmed by this attempt, for safety reasons a professional cotton machine should be used for the sale of cotton candy with the bicycle trailers, since the smaller devices can only be applied for a short period of time without a cooling break.

Further trainings with the future Sugar Fan sellers will follow.

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