Update PV-Aquaponic Project

On Friday, 20.07, our team member Lazarous Chongo met with Mr. Steve Clark from Clearwater Farms Ltd. based in Lusaka.

Clearwater Farms Ltd. has been building aquaponics plants in Zambia for several months now with local materials and local staff and has also been training the buyers of the plants in the correct care of the systems.

For our PV-Aquaponik project we are interested in his systems and his expertise. So we would no longer have to import aquaponics plants from South Africa as originally thought. The principle of aquaponics is largely unknown in Zambia and there have been no suppliers for these systems to date.

In the next few weeks we will hold talks with Mr. Clark and explore in what form a collaboration is possible both with our PV aquaponics training facility and with our planned large-scale PV aquaponics farm.

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