2017 August

Period of visit to Kabwe: 26.08. – 02.09.2017

At the end of August, Andreas Mankel and Moses Sikaala from the 7 × 7 Zambia – Germany team spent a week in Kabwe to settle important matters for the start of our projects as well as to strengthen the contact with the 7 × 7 Zambia – Zambia Team and the inhabitants of Kabwes.

Teams of 7×7 Zambia                                    (from left to right: Lazarous Chongo, Moses Sikaala, Noel Zulu, Andreas Mankel)

Ahead of them lay an exciting, eventful week. At the airport they were cordially welcomed by Lazarous Chongo and Noel Zulu from the 7×7 Zambia – Zambia team. After a short trip to Moses Sikaala’s Familie, work was stared in Kabwe. Numerous meetings with representatives and decision makers of the city were on the schedule for the coming days. Already on Sunday morning, Andreas Mankel, Lazarous Chongo and Noel Zulu met with Pastor Apostle for inspecting the plot for the PV-aquaponic pilot plant. Afterwards, they took part in an open-air church service for which the parishs of various districts of Kabwe gather to celebrate the Holy Mass together. In the afternoon, the 12TCC (12 Trees Children Center) playground in Kaputula district was inaugurated that had been financed the  Menshi Ya Mweo (MYM) – Trust. Many curious children atteded the opening and enthusiastically tried out the new playground equipment.

In the following days, the 7×7 Zambia team met with the mayor of Kabwe, representatives of the city planning and construction office as well as with the parish to introduce our projects and to exchange ideas. The feedback was consistently positive.

At the same time, the new t-shirts with the logo for the Sugar Fan project were inaugurated and candies were distributed from the future product range.


In addition, formalities such as the opening of bank accounts, the registration of 7×7 Zambia Limited of Shares and other legal matters that require not only the physical presence of the persons involved but also time and patience.

Full of new impressions and inspiration, the Andreas Mankel and Moses Sikaala returned to Germany at the end of this week. It certainly will not have been the last trip to our friends in Kabwe, as there is still much to do. Over the next years we want to achieve together step by step an improvement of the living conditions of these eager, committed and friendly people.

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